Auto sales surge in March, top tier makers plan on more jobs

While the national economy has been on the slow but steady course of recovery, the one illuminating spot in the post-recession effort has been the auto industry. Nearly left for dead during the trough of the late-decade fiscal collapse, American automotive companies have made a stellar comeback. Recent data shows top tier automakers saw some of their best sales of the last couple years during March, leading some to create more jobs. In order to fill positions, auto businesses can work with recruiting agencies.

Best month in 5 years for Chrysler, Ford, GM
The "Detroit 3" have been at the forefront of the auto recovery, and now they have the numbers to back it up. Ford recently announced sales during March rose 5.7 percent from the year before, making it the automaker's best performing month since May 2007. Ford's rise was driven in large part by strong buying demand for utility vehicles (up 14 percent) and rebounding truck sales (6 percent).

Another Michigan automaker that enjoyed a record month was Chrylser. The Italian-owned but American-made auto leader saw sales increase 5 percent in March from the preceding year, making it the best month since December 2007.

GM also experienced an encouraging March, as sales increased 6.4 percent to 245,950, although MarketWatch reported expert estimates previously pegged the number at 271,000, making it a slight disappointment in the face of overwhelmingly good news.

Additionally, Toyota increased sales 1 percent, while Honda is expected to report growth of 5 percent, as Nissan announces a year-over-year decline in sales.

Chrysler, GM look to add jobs
While Jeep sales were down year-over-year, Chrysler saw its marque brand increase sales 27 percent from February. That growth is likely behind the automaker's announced plans to add jobs at an Ohio Jeep plant.

The automaker said it expects to add 200 full-time jobs to a Jeep Wrangler plant in Toledo, with more than half being hired to give assemblers on the job a break, as the plant continues to work at a fevered pace to keep up with demand.

GM has also announced it is planning on adding a new batch of jobs at its Lansing Grand River assembly plant. The automaker said it is considering a $38 million investment to expand the plant and create some 150 new positions.

As top-tier automakers continue to see sales climb higher with each passing month, many are adding jobs to cope with increased demand and production. As such, firms can work with recruiting agencies to acquire the best available talent to further fuel their recovery.