Engineering and Manufacturing Companies Choose North Carolina

Employment in North Carolina: Why Engineering and Manufacturing Companies Choosing North Carolina

Why are so many companies choosing to do business in North Carolina? North Carolina was rated #2 on the Forbes list of best states for Business. One of the biggest draws for corporations is the small union presence in the state. North Carolina’s union participation is the lowest in the nation when compared as a percentage to the overall number of workers. This results in a labor cost that is 10% less on average than other states. There is no lack of qualified employees. North Carolina has seen a massive influx of job seekers over the past decade.

A strong workforce isn’t the only reason engineering and manufacturing companies are setting up shop in North Carolina. The North Carolina State University is the home of one of the biggest undergraduate engineering programs in the United States. The Next Generation Power Electronics Innovation Institute opened in 2014 as a way for companies, government and education to work together in developing cutting-edge technology that will help solve issues related to semiconductors. The work done at the institute will create even more opportunities for manufacturing and engineering companies to open shop in North Carolina.

What does that mean for employment in North Carolina? As companies continue to grow, they will need more employees. These new employees will live and work and shop in North Carolina creating the need for more gas stations, restaurants, and shopping centers, which also means more employment opportunities. Jobs create jobs. States like North Carolina that realize this and put programs in place to make the most of it will reap the rewards of a strong economy