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Kappa Search Inc. is a Chicago employment agency that specializes in maintenance, engineering and operations recruitment and placement. We are currently recruiting for a Maintenance Engineer with a well-rounded background including electrical, hydraulics and mechanical.

They are looking for a permanent direct hire maintenance engineer.  This person will be the only full-time maintenance person on staff.  Currently the maintenance department is an assortment of people who wear multiple hats at the company.  A press operator is the primary mechanic and a couple people in house also contribute (former masonry worker does cement work, QC tech does some electrical, etc).  They need a maintenance guy to come in, clean the place up, and get some maintenance systems in place such as setting up a tool crib, implementing a PM schedule, etc.


Skills required


  • 3 phase
    • 220V to 440V
    • They also have a 565V mixer (Canadian) that runs through a custom transformer
  • Most of the presses and other equipment is manually operated, no complex controller experience is required


  • Mixers
  • Burners
    • Kilns
    • Boilers

Vacuum/Air systems

  • Feeding raw materials
  • Lifting finished parts
  • 100psi shop air system with 1 compressor


  • Basic systems
    • Schedule 80 pressurized piping system that feeds hydraulic  fluid to 4 presses
  • Accumulators