Kappa Search | Chicago Recruiters | Safety Engineer Position

Kappa Search Inc., a Chicago employment agency that specializes in engineering, technology, manufacturing, sales and procurement recruitment and placement, is seeking a Safety Engineer for the following position:

  • Engineer will be responsible for equipment safety (design through manufacture, implementation in the work place and associated documentation), facility safety and compliance.
  • Will work with the R & D team as well as with the high volume manufacturing team.
  • The primary focus will be to ensure compliance with the “Machinery Directive” and the “Safety of workers.
  • Directive as well as assisting in gaining compliance to other relevant directives; RoHS, REACH, Low Voltage, EMC, ATEX, etc.


This Safety Engineer will take complete ownership of:

• The safety compliance of the entire factory and R&D facility   including:

o Toxic, combustible and cryogenic gas distribution systems

o Safety aspects of the facility Electrical and cooling water distribution systems

o Chemical and powder safety, storage and disposal

o Safety aspects of manufacturing process’ and tools

o Fire and explosion procedures

o All personnel related safety requirements:

  1. Ergonomics
  2. Health testing and baselining
  3. Training
  4. Safety protocols
  5. Documentation
  6. Visitor safety
  7. Safety related procedures (i.e. evacuation procedure)

o Interface with outside compliance authorities

o Audits and reviews of established safety metrics and performance

• The safety compliance of manufactured tools including:

o Ensure valid CE marking of all in-house designed, custom tools.

o Establish and maintain a proper risk assessment program (HazOps, Job Hazard analysis) to ensure safety “due diligence” is performed on all tools and process.

o Assist in creating and maintaining technical construction files for all custom tools, including risk analysis reports and sufficient technical data to support company self assessment of CE compliance for the tools.


• A BS or MS in Mechanical engineering is strongly preferred (or equivalent combination of education and experience) although other technical degrees may be considered.

• Minimum of 5 years experience in a tool design,/building role in a technical environment (Semiconductor tool building or Petro-chemical preferred but others may be considered), producing tools for the U.S. and EU.

• Experienced with risk assessments including: safety audits, Haz Ops, and Job Hazard Analysis

• Solid knowledge of safety and compliance codes

• German speaking is a huge plus

• Literary and organizational skills necessary to establish and publish defensible positions on the paths that lead to achieving compliance.

• International travel required

• Sense of urgency on accomplishing tasks

• Skilled problem solver (from root cause through effective implementation of the the solution)

• Able to identify creative solutions

• Effective Project Management skills

• Does not have to have been in a full time Safety role but must desire to move into that type of role