Kappa Search | Employment report | Technical Sales & Sales Engineer

Written by Chris Chiefari – Technical Recruiter – Kappa Search Inc.

A company’s sales force is an integral part of keeping their business thriving.  In our recent experience, Kappa Search Inc. has seen an increase in a company’s need to augment their sales team. This is a trend we are seeing with not only our existing clients, but with new clients. In our current economic climate, companies are doing their best to increase profit. The most efficacious way to do this is by recruiting a talented sales team in order to build market share, increase profit margin and drive revenue.  Kappa Search Inc. is receiving requests for various openings within a sales faction such as marketing, product management, regional sales managers and sales engineers. The industrial products, factory automation, and automotive industries are currently our hottest areas.

Another trend we are seeing is European companies looking to establish new sales and service offices in the USA. Chicago is a common choice for location due to its access to both coasts and the industrial Midwest. The recent strength of the dollar vs. the euro could be contributing to this trend as European products are becoming more attractive price wise as compared to their American competitors.