Kappa Search – Employment Update for Supply Chain Professionals

Kappa Search Inc. has seen dramatic improvements in a few areas of the employment market over the last several weeks. Several long-term clients and new customers have requested our recruitment services for urgent requirements in manufacturing, technology, procurement and especially supply chain. Companies have listed multiple positions with us over the last three days for buyers, materials managers and supply chain managers.

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Given the accelerated draw down of inventory levels and procurement personnel during most of 2009, this seems to make sense. As companies feel at least slightly more comfortable with future sales revenue growth, they gradually build inventories accordingly. After cutting too many employees in 2009 and having squeezed as much productivity and profits from current employees as possible, many companies are scrambling to beat their competitors to the top talent. They are now engaging in aggressive recruitment. Additionally, while trying to add employees due to sales growth, employers are starting to lose employees who are now moving on to better opportunities. This was not possible last year when the economy was shedding several thousand jobs per month.

Even though the job market overall still appears to be tepid, several areas like procurement, supply chain and information technology that increases productivity are heating up. If you possess any of these skill sets, it is the ideal time to update your resume and start moving forward again.