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Kappa Search, Inc. is seeing growth within the Technical Sales fields in Chicago and NationallyOver the past several months, Kappa Search, Inc. has seen the increase in Sales / Account Manager markets.  These positions are highly technical and require experience selling into niche markets.  Our analysis indicates that while the majorities of companies are still very reluctant to recall former employees in many fields, they are expanding their sales force in an attempt to drive revenue as well as capitalize on the weakened economy with the hopes that should things turn around, they will be in excellent position to emerge as the industry leader with newer market share.

One of the positions within Kappa Search, Inc. requires a minimum of 5 years experience selling capital equipment or construction sales.  We have seen average salaries within the Capital Equipment sector range from $50,000 – $90,000 / year (before commissions and bonuses).   The ideal candidate would be currently selling CNC Machines (Mills / Lathes which are computer numerically controlled), large commercial printers (wide-format digital engines) or something with a minimum value around $250,000 / unit.  This position requires working with various C-Level decision makers, Project Managers, and possessing the business acumen that a candidate, at this level, should automatically utilize to deliver a turn-key solution.

Many of today’s sales positions are not as “standalone” as they have traditionally been in years past.  We have seen, as recent as 24 months ago, a shift in the business models of many of our clients.  Companies are now looking for talent as well as workability within a team atmosphere so that more resources are involved to deliver a precise solution.