Petroleum engineers are in high demand

Advances in drilling technology that make natural gas and crude oil more accessible have led to a profitable energy boom in the U.S. However, the energy industry could be facing a severe shortage of skilled workers in the next decade, according to recent research from American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers. The energy industry is growing faster than labor can keep up, which means it's a good idea for firms to use engineering recruiters to find petroleum engineers that are in high demand. 

In 2012, the U.S. experienced a sharp increase in oil production thanks to hydraulic fracturing processes, and the trend will likely continue, Bloomberg reported. Because so much of the crude oil consumed in the U.S. used to be imported, North American energy companies need to catch up. However, doing so without the right labor capital may prove difficult.

More than half of firms in the oil and gas industry consider skills shortages their top concern, according to recent research from OPITO and the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board, Your Oil and Gas News reported. While skills gaps have negative impacts on many industries, it is particularly detrimental in the energy sector because many older employees are retiring at once and there are not enough qualified younger workers to take open positions. Fuel Fix reported there are currently between 4.5 million and 5 million North American oil workers, which is a decrease of approximately one million compared to a decade ago. In another 10 years, half of the industry's skilled workers will have retired, an industry expert told the source.

Energy boom exacerbating the skills gap
The increased production of domestic oil and natural gas has resulted in a great deal of growth in the industry, and it may eventually lead to slightly lower energy costs for consumers, Bloomberg said. In addition to crude oil production, the U.S. has experienced a surplus of natural gas, which is a cleaner form of fuel than conventional oil. As energy companies start focusing on natural gas, the need for skilled engineers is even greater. 

Petroleum engineer is one of the top careers with a green future, according to Greener Ideal. The field will be vital to developing sources of renewable energy. In response to this forecast, colleges are beginning to tailor petroleum engineering programs to students who want to focus on renewable energy. 

However, it could take a while before qualified new engineers graduate, and oil industry workers are retiring rapidly. Firms can seek the services of a renewable energy recruiter to fill open positions quickly as the industry continues to grow.