Retained Search

Through collaboration, we continue to learn and innovate while upholding our commitment to provide the best talent acquisition strategies in our field. With Kappa Search, our retained clients not only receive the expertise of their account manager; they also gain access to the deep and broad knowledge of an entire team.

Unlike larger search firms, our client interactions are not departmentalized; one point of contact works with clients from initial engagement through job offer to guarantee nothing is lost in translation.

When clients reach out to us for a retained search, they know they will receive first class treatment; our recruiters provide the same personalized attention and dedication to excellence that we would demand for our own company. From initial pitch presentations to closing negotiations, our retained recruiters consult closely with clients throughout the entire hiring process to deliver talent tailored to their unique needs.

Setting ourselves apart from the competition since our inception in 1992, Kappa Search works with a select number of companies on high level retained searches. We keep the number of our retained search clients small on purpose in favor of developing long term, successful partnerships. Our shorter retained client list ensures that our existing clients receive the individualized attention to detail and passion that make us great recruiters.

We bring organizations game changing talent; talent that not only matches technically but also pioneers in their field.

For high level, time-sensitive positions, companies look to us to provide visionary leaders for their retained search needs. We know that recruiting is more than simply sourcing; it is the art of talent acquisition. A “fit” is a candidate that checks off all the requirements on a job description but a match is someone who not only fits the technical aspects of the position but also fits within the organization’s culture and possesses the business acumen to take that company to the next level. Our recruiters understand the nuances of finding a good match for our clients and can prove it with a 95% retention rate.