Sales/Marketing Recruitment

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, any company must compete in order to establish, and retain, only the best and most qualified employees to drive the short-term and long-term success of a company’s sales and/or marketing team goals. Kappa Search understands the nuanced importance of these employees to business and always remains aware of a client’s immediate and extended needs to properly fill a role.

The recruiters in our sales department sift through, and seek out, only the most qualified candidates to fit a given job description. Once a potential match is made, we are persistent and efficient when it comes to seeing that job, and candidate placement, through to completion. We want both our clients and our candidates (who have been placed in specific roles) to be happy with the results of their professional union. We work with various sales and marketing businesses and applicants all over the United States and utilize our keen recruiting expertise in fulfilling various job openings, despite how big or small.

Since Kappa Search has been in the recruiting business for over 20 years, we fully understand the professional importance and cultural value in finding a natural fit for every candidate and every client.

For job seekers: some of the sales & marketing positions we recruit for include, but are not limited to, the following:

Areas of Expertise
  • Account Manager
  • New Business
  • Sales Manager
  • VP of Sales
  • Sales Representative
  • Business Development Manager
  • Director of Sales
  • Account Executive
  • Territory Representative
  • National Sales Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager

We go the extra mile for all who decide to utilize our services – one business and one applicant at a time – in order to ensure a seamless professional union that will benefit both parties’ success.