Auto sales soar, employment opportunities increase

The automotive industry has long been a crucial force in the U.S. economy. When the latter fell flat during the Great Recession, the auto industry plunged to new depths. More recently however, production increase among tier one automakers has been driving the economic recovery.

In January, the increase in car company output was fueled by strong consumer demand and auto sales. Many components of the auto industry are surging at the right time, including employment, and high profile automakers are seeking out technical recruiters, who have become a valuable resource in talent retainment searches.

Sales up across the board
Overall, 1.04 million cars and trucks were sold during January, a 14 percent year-over-year increase from January 2012, according to Autodata Corporation.Toyota led the surge in sales, as it reported year-over-year gains totaling a 26 percent increase from sales in January 2012.

Ford saw sales jump by 22 percent on the year, while General Motors and Chrysler both posted improvements of 16 percent in the first month of 2013, indicating the top dogs of the industry were all on the uptick.

Auto hiring up in January, GM looks to create more jobs
The resurgent auto industry also saw employment increase in January. According to recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, some 2,500 jobs were created in motor vehicle and parts manufacturing. Additionally, hiring at car dealerships improved, a likely byproduct of the gains made in auto sales: 6,600 jobs were created in motor vehicle and parts retail, with 4,000 occurring at automobile dealerships.

The gains in production, sales and employment have in large part buoyed GM’s newly announced plans to expand a key Michigan plant. The American automaker recently released plans to invest $200 million into its Global Powertrain Engineering Headquarters in Pontiac. The facility produces engines for the GMC SIerra and Silverado line of pickups. The move is expected to create around 400 jobs on the Pontiac campus.

The auto industry is leading the national economic recovery, and as such, it is among those that benefit the most from a better business climate, primarily in regard to employment opportunities. Top tier automakers are also increasingly utilizing engineering recruiters in their talent searchers, a strategy that helps them uncover the best talent in a burgeoning auto labor market.