Auto, steel drive Midwest manufacturing gains in November

Manufacturing was one of the hardest hit sectors of the economic collapse in 2008. But some five years on, it's steadily regaining its form to mirror post-recession levels. This is the case especially in the Midwest, where automotive and steel manufacturing was recently found to lead the regional industry to notable gains in November, according to a recently released index which measures manufacturing output. With a sustained recovery for the sector in play, many businesses can consult with manufacturing recruiters to help buoy their chances at landing the best talent to usher in another golden era of American Midwest manufacturing.

November up after October was down
The Chicago Fed Midwest Manufacturing Index (CFMMI) increased 1.6 percent in November to a seasonally adjusted 93.7. For context, the index last reached 100 in 2007. The development was encouraging, especially after revised data showed the index was down 1.1 percent in October. The CFMMI measures manufacturing data from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Midwest manufacturing also fared better than other U.S. states and regions. The Federal Reserve Board's industrial production index for manufacturing rose 1.1 percent in November and national output increased 3.1 percent on the year. The CFMMI, however, showed regional output increased 7.3 percent since November last year.

All sectors contribute, but auto and steel lead way
Manufacturing and steel industry recruiters will be valuable to businesses after the CFMMI found auto and steel sector production were the two biggest drivers of the Midwest manufacturing gains. Regional auto sector production rose 3.6 percent and steel sector output increased 0.9 percent from October 2012.

Midwest manufacturing again outpaced the national average, as national auto production increased 2.4 percent in November. The year-over-year increase in Midwest auto output was 17.9 percent, the national output was up 9.2 percent.

Steel also regained some of the steam it lost when it was down 0.8 percent in October. National steel output was slightly higher, with a 1.8 percent gain in November, but regional steel year-over-year increases were greater than national output increases from 2011. Regional was up 4 percent from November last year, while national steel was up 2 percent.

With manufacturing undergoing a rise in production that signals a possible return to economic normalcy, manufacturing recruiters will be a huge resource for businesses encouraged to hire because of the recent gains in the industry.