Best Finance and Accounting Jobs in Current Employment Market

Top Three Desirable Finance and Accounting Jobs in the Current Job Market

The current job market is tough — so tough, in fact, that many desirable jobs in the financial sector receive hundreds of applications, all from qualified applicants. However, within the overall market, certain positions and disciplines are actually very desirable. Even though the market goes in cycles making certain positions seem better at certain times, there are many desirable finance and accounting jobs in the current market. Here are three particularly good jobs:

  • Statistician. Every business that works with numbers and dollars needs someone who can analyze all of their data on the market, and turn that into actionable information. Statisticians earn an average salary of around $80,000, and this career only set to expand as more and more businesses become data-driven.
  • Financial Advisor. This particular job is a relatively new invention from the past few decades. Financial advisors can either work in a large firm or start their own company — a very exciting prospect for would-be entrepreneurs. Financial advisors, like the name implies, meet with customers and counsel them about their wealth — how to manage it, where to allocate it, etc. With an average salary of $81,000 and good growth prospects, this is a great career to pursue.
  • Accountants. This is a broad category of jobs, from staff bookkeepers to managers to partners in large accounting firms, and that is part of the appeal of this career: you can move up and continue increasing your salary. This job also has great security — because, after all, as long as people make money, they need someone to keep track of it. It’s important to note, though, that having a CPA license is becoming more and more important, both in terms of career advancement as well as scoring entry-level jobs. The market is getting tighter, but good accountants will always be needed.