Clean tech companies provide job growth in Atlanta

The Atlanta area is adding more jobs within clean tech companies.

The Atlanta area is hoping to become the global leader in clean technology, a new report released by the Metro Atlanta Chamber stated. The report, in conducted in conjunction with MAC's Clean Technology Council for the inaugural Clean Tech Executive, also said that many of these industrial sectors are adding jobs in the process.

The report showed the metro Atlanta area is home to 541 clean tech company facilities that employ 30,605 people. Energy efficiency, recycling and solid waste, smart grid and products/materials, along with water and solar technologies have all shown job creation growth.

Improving industry
Since 2010, Atlanta has wooed 34 clean tech companies, creating more than 2,200 jobs. A few of these companies include GE Energy Management, Acuity Brand Lighting and Exide Technologies. City of Atlanta Chief Operating Officer Duriya Farooqui said in a press release these clean tech companies are helping improve the city's economy and making it greener.

"The efforts of the Clean Technology Council align with the city's goals for growing our green economy as part of Atlanta's sustainability initiative, Power to Change," Farooqui said in a statement. "We are proud to count over 30,000 clean technology jobs as part of our region's economy. Clean tech is enabling large and small companies, across the metropolitan region, to have both a substantial impact on our local economy and a global footprint."

Leader in improving carbon footprint
In a statement released by the city of Atlanta, it said it is currently the seventh biggest metro clean tech economy in the U.S. and ranks first in its number of LEED certified buildings. MAC Vice President of Supply Chain and Advanced Manufacturing Bob Pertierra said the city continues to thrive thanks to these companies providing jobs for citizens.

"The report shows Atlanta's clean economy as a leading economic driver for our region," Pertierra said in a statement. "Our region continues to attract top clean tech companies that are leading new clean tech innovations, clearing new paths for sustainability options and creating high-wage jobs.

Farooqui went on to say that Atlanta will continue to thrive to bringing in more jobs through clean tech companies.

"The City will remain a strong, collaborative partner with the Metro Atlanta Chamber and looks forward to learning more about the role that City government can play in accelerating Atlanta's clean tech agenda," Farooqui said.