Custom Designs Give Solar Energy a Facelift

Custom Designs to Give Solar Energy a Facelift

In the US, residential use of solar panels is on the rise owing to the cheap and affordable nature of the source of renewable energy. While the solar power adoption could prove useful to many, the people who have adopted the use are a mere fraction compared to the whole US landscape, and for that, researchers are looking for ways to give the solar panel project a boost.

The MIT-affiliated group founded a customized solar panel model that mimic the façade of various house structures and other surrounding environments with the aim of enticing homeowners to try out going solar. With the new paradigm, owners can buy or order a solar panel that looks exactly like their roof in such a way that nobody would notice the solar panel on top of the roof.

The new solar panels come with a new technology called solar skin that allows installation of various adverts or even a country’s flag of the solar panel glass logos without interfering with the solar panels’ abilities. However, the new development will cost users ten percent more than traditional solar panels. Nevertheless, a homeowner with the new customizable solar panel can hope to save more than $25000 over an extended period.

The solar panel industry is depending on the need for sustainable energy by the masses to boost their solar power campaigns. With a great desire by many homeowners to cut down on utility bills, the solar skin power campaign is likely to spread like wildfire with time.