Demand on the Rise for Finance & Accounting Jobs

Finance and Accounting jobs: In demand and on the rise

Choosing to crunch numbers for a living can place you on a path towards independence and financial freedom. Job security and opportunities for steady employment are important attributes of successful life. The outlook for adults who decide to pursue finance and accounting jobs seems confident when measured against a recent survey featured in leading industry news source Finance & Commerce. In it, new job gains posted were heavily attributed to “professional services such as accounting,” among others.

Often overlooked under the broad umbrella of finance and accounting is working in insurance. According to, a site that offers career advice to veterans, the field of “insurance is fairly recession-proof.” The solvency and stability of insurance companies as mandated by federal and state regulators is largely responsible for that fact. Furthermore, some insurance companies are branching out by diversifying their offerings to include services such as retirement planning and wealth management, all of which bode well for those with backgrounds in finance and accounting.

Meanwhile, overseas, the prospect of employment in these fields remains optimistic as well. A headline from the London School of Business & Finance points to this assessment. The article published June 3rd, 2016, by writer Thiago Kiwi, references research on trending vacancies there and highlights what new graduates can expect entering the workforce.

Unsure of what the future holds or what you want to be when you grow up? Perhaps, a job in the finance and accounting sector is the answer. Chances are if you choose to pursue one of these fields not only are you likely to remain marketable for the foreseeable future but you’ll be setting yourself up for a shot at job security and income stability down the road.