DOE invests in US manufacturing

The DOE is investing in clean energy manufacturing.

The U.S. Department of Energy announced Dec. 12 it will invest $150 million in clean energy tax credits to generate activity in clean energy manufacturing. Specifically, 12 businesses will receive funding to use toward manufacturing equipment. 

The DOE said its investment will add jobs to the economy

"Through the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit program (48C Program), these awards will help create thousands of jobs across the country and increase U.S. competitiveness in the global clean energy market," the DOE said in its news release. 

U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz announced the news at the DOE's American Energy and Manufacturing Competitiveness Summit. He said the investment will reduce carbon pollution and bring new jobs to the economy. 

"Cost-effective, efficient manufacturing plays a critical role in continuing U.S. leadership in clean energy innovation, and the tax credits announced today will help reduce carbon pollution from our vehicles and buildings; create new jobs and supply more clean energy projects in the United States and abroad with equipment made in America," he said. 

The DOE investment is expected to specifically boost manufacturing of solar products, Fierce Energy reported. Of the government's funding commitment, more than $13 million will go to five solar manufacturing projects aimed at speeding up the commercialization of affordable and efficient photovoltaic and concentrating solar technologies. Five companies in Colorado, California, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Oregon are behind the DOE-funded projects. These companies will look to advance solar technologies such as creating new methods for producing concentrated solar power trough systems and making on-site solar array assembly easier.  

The source also said these projects will help the United States meet its SunShot Initiative's goal of having solar energy be cost-competitive with traditional energy sources by 2020, Fierce Energy reported.