Engineering talent in high demand

Qualified engineers are in high demand. Seventy-three percent of employers plan to hire engineering talent within the next 60 days, according to recent research from Monster. Companies are more readily able to expand staff as their businesses have grown. Organizations that need to find top talent can work with engineering recruiters to help fill new positions.

"Engineering is one of the fastest growing job sectors in the U.S., with the demand for engineers expected to remain strong for many years to come," said Joanie Ruge, employment industry advisor for Monster. "One of the main factors driving engineering job opportunity is a factor of basic supply versus demand. A large number of today's engineers are baby boomers nearing retirement age, creating higher demand than supply."

Monster found the top opportunities for engineers are in industrial, mechanical, electrical, civil and electronics. Computer hardware and aerospace engineers were also expected to have good prospects. Some areas have had higher rates of engineering hiring, with Houston, San Jose and Chicago ranking in the top three for opportunities, meaning firms in the Windy City can seek Chicago staffing services to find candidates.

In addition, employers across the country are planning to increase hiring of recent graduates, and the city where candidates apply may be just as important as their majors, according to The Chicago Tribune. 

Engineering recruitment difficulties
Though demand for candidates is expected to increase, competition will still be tight for graduates, the newspaper reported. Hiring predictions have improved, but employers remain cautiously optimistic about the economy. While managers intend to hire younger engineers, they prefer candidates with internships and practical work experience. Soft skills, such as communication and leadership abilities, are also important. Human resource professionals have grown increasingly selective, and many positions may go unfilled while hiring managers search for a suitable candidate.

The Monster survey found only 39 percent of human resource managers expressed confidence in being able to fill all open engineering positions on their own. Employers said a significant recruitment challenge they face is the small talent pool of qualified applicants, impacted by highly specific job requirements. 

Since engineering positions are often difficult to fill, hiring managers may require outside assistance to find top talent. Firms can consult electrical engineering recruiters to find qualified applicants for new positions.