Engineers confident about economy, job prospects

While companies are the jobs creators, they're nothing without the talent that fill those positions. The workforce opinion of the economy and employment opportunities is just as important as business sentiment. More engineering workers are confident about the U.S. economic recovery and their own chances at employment, a recent survey found. As such, businesses and engineering recruiters can work together to attract talent.

Confidence index jumps over third quarter
An index measuring the confidence of U.S. engineers grew to 57.8 in quarter four 2012, increasing 3.4 points from the quarter before. It was the first quarterly increase in confidence among American engineers last year, according to the Europe-based staffing firm responsible for the index.

Overall, 34 percent of responding engineers believed the U.S. economy was on the right track, a 5 percent quarter-over-quarter increase. Engineers were also confident about the future health of their respective employers. Sixty percent of respondents said their company was positioned to do well, an improvement from the 57 percent who said the same in quarter three 2012.

An official for the firm said recoveries in industries where engineering plays an influential role – like manufacturing – is driving jobs growth, making both manufacturing recruiters and engineering recruiters a necessity for expanding businesses.

Jobs sentiment varied
The greater optimism toward the economy was parlayed into similar views toward jobs in the profession, but to a slightly more mixed degree. Fifty-nine percent of engineers were confident in their ability to find a new job, a quarter-over-quarter rise of 6 percent. Additionally, 38 percent said they are likely to look for a new job in the next 12 months, another 6 percentage point growth rate from quarter three 2012.

However, while engineers are confident of their abilities to find a job, slightly fewer respondents saw employment opportunities increase from quarter three to quarter four 2012. Twenty-three percent of workers believe more jobs are available, a decrease of 4 percent from the previous survey.

Despite whatever view engineers have, several other economic indicators signal a growing number of engineering jobs are being created. To satisfy employment needs, businesses can work with engineering recruiters to locate and hire qualified workers.