High demand for skilled temporary workers

While some employers may not me looking to add permanent workers to their current staff, there is a high demand for temporary workers. During the first quarter of 2013, there was a 0.6 percent increase in temporary hires, according to a recent IQNdex report, an index that measures the segment of the labor market made up of freelancers, contract workers, staffing agency employees and independent professionals. 

Of the half million jobs created in Q1 in the U.S., nearly 11 percent were non-permanent roles. Contracted jobs in the IT sector saw the largest increase and software developers are also in high demand, especially those who have mobile application development experience. 

"While the overall job market remains weak, the Q1 IQNdex report shows that demand for non-permanent workers in the U.S. is strong, indicating that employers are utilizing temporary labor as a means of expanding their workforce rather than traditional full-time employees," sad Gary Pollard, vice president of information products at IQNavigator. "This continues a macro trend we have seen in the overall labor market over the past couple of years as companies have taken a cautious approach to hiring."  He went on to say high demand for contract workers could be an indication of permanent hiring picking up again. 

The index found hourly billing rates had increased along with demand, particularly in highly specialized sectors. The billing rates are increasing more quickly than the cost of hiring directly. Sometimes temp workers are utilized to fill skills gaps within a company.

Temp trend could be a sign of full-time hiring increasing
Temporary employees can give companies an opportunity to test someone on the job and determine if he or she is a good fit for the business, according to Omaha.com. If contract workers can quickly learn and adapt to the environment of a company, they increase their chances of being hired permanently. Workers with specialized skills may have an advantage in proving their worth.

The rise of demand for temporary employees could be an indication that employers are slowly growing more confident about hiring. Temp workers who are able to prove themselves could have an opportunity to become a full-time employee. If businesses are looking to bring in highly specialized contract workers, it could be a good time to consult with a recruitment agency to find candidates for temporary and temp-to-hire roles.