Indiana county to add more manufacturing jobs in 2014

OMCO is looking to add more jobs to its Indiana facility

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation announced on Nov. 19 that more jobs could be coming to Kosciusko County in Indiana. At the forefront of the job additions will be OMCO, a manufacturer that specializes in providing steel metal for the transportation industry.

Expanding enterprise
The Indiana-based company said it is hoping to add up to 40 new jobs by 2016. OMCO will also be expanding the size of its facilities. Ohio-based company Wickliffe will invest $6.7 million to repair and update OMCO's 85,000 square-foot facility in Pierceton. During this major renovation project, OMCO hopes to tack on 42,000 square-feet of manufacturing space by the midpoint of 2014. President of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation Eric Doden said that this increase in space will help the city as a whole.

"Each component of the manufacturing process builds more than just a supply chain–it helps build our economy," Doden said in a news release. "With Indiana's skilled workforce and the support of our strong, pro-growth policies, we are witnessing extraordinary growth in advanced manufacturing. Companies find a competitive advantage here, so it's no wonder Indiana is known as a state that works."

New jobs in 2014
OMCO currently has 500 employees nationally with 120 of them being in Indiana. It will be looking to hire maintenance associates, machine operators, tool and die specialists and material handlers sometime in 2014. OMCO President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Schuster chose to expand the Pierceton section of the company because of the commitment of its workers.

"After evaluating our most cost-effective options for a plant expansion, the Pierceton facility was chosen for a number of reasons," Schuster said. "At the top of that list was the highly committed and talented workforce available to us in northern Indiana, along with the outstanding support we receive from the Pierceton community, its governing bodies and the state of Indiana."

Good business
The Indiana Economic Development Corporation was so impressed with OMCO's decision to expand its Indiana facilities that they are offering the company $325,000 in tax credits. The only condition is that the company will need to hire Indiana residents to qualify. Armando Espinoza, president of the Pierceton Town Council, told Ohio NBC affiliate WNDU that the town has approved more tax abatement for the company.

"Over the past 25 years, OMCO has been an important employer to local residents," Espinoza said. "The town of Pierceton and Kosciusko County are proud that they chose Pierceton for this expansion."