Manufacturing Trends

New manufacturing Technologies

Technology is changing rapidly, and today, there is a big difference in the manufacturing sector compared to a few decades ago. Manufacturing industries are now using software and automation, making humans work less, and most of them only use buttons to get work done. Some of the advanced technology includes cloud computing, nanotechnology and the Internet of Things. Various companies are using these techniques, changing operations substantially from just a few years ago. They are also reducing the cost of exploitation and even increasing productivity of these companies. Here are some of the thriving technologies.

3D Printing Technology

It is a significant achievement in the manufacturing industries. A few decades ago it did not exist. Using 3D Printing Technology is one step to constructions fruitful and efficient too. The technology is improving daily companies and making them able to produce different components such as plastic, metals, and mix materials. When engineers are looking for ways to design they are using the technology to come up with sophisticated designs. Different manufacturing companies are now adopting the 3D printing technology.


It is a technology which is making things easier and faster. While the first generation of the technology already exists, there is also the awaited second generation in the future which will use nabob. The technology is already in use in different fields of manufacturing industries such as manufacturing of tennis balls that are durable, making of bandages for healing wounds faster and even coming up with small memory cards which have ample storage space for other applications.