Mass Customization; Future of Production

Mass Customization; Future of Production

For a long time, success in output has entailed mass production. Still, on the same point, production has always been about the customer consuming what the manufacturer makes. However, that perception is rapidly changing with the rapid growth of customizable products in the market. The trend has recently revolutionized the market, giving the customer the power to decide the products they want. Organizations are investing in customized goods so as to stay ahead and gain a competitive edge.

Advancement in process automation has made customization possible due to its ability to program the production quickly without causing any hitches. The trend has led to emergence of two major revolutions in the field of output:

More customer-driven production

Unlike in the past where production companies determined what to make, customization has led to more customer-driven production. Now producers don’t have to convince consumers to buy what they offer but instead can now create products that best fit the customer’s needs. This, in turn, leads to increased customer satisfaction and reduced inventory since no production takes place without the client ordering the product.

Improved production vision

As the customization trend takes root, Customers will likely start to expect a certain level of production enabled by these smart factories. However, these changes will take time to take root fully. With the customization trend taking root, production companies will have clearer visions on production since they will know what the consumers specifically want.

Traditionally, production companies have set visions for production based on the hope that the customer will love the products they offer. With customization, the production company can set visions based on what the consumer prefers hence making vision setting clearer and more productive.