New Supply Chain Trends and Challenges

New Supply Chain Trends and Challenges

Our world is constantly changing and so is the future of supply chain and operations management. Here are four trends and their impact on the supply chain field. The first trend is about the digital society. Humans share a lot of data on, for example, social media like Facebook, Twitter, and on Google. Machines also share a lot of data. Currently, there already are more computers on the internet than people.

The second trend is human behavior. Over the last two years, experts have been working on algorithms, optimizer, and all kind of tools to improve decision-making. What you need to understand is what humans do with all this information. How do they take decisions?

Scarcity is an emerging challenge. Companies are already running short on some basic materials. When you want to produce a mobile phone, you have to go deep into the sea to collect some of its primary materials. The other trend is digital printing and mass 3D printing. US companies installed over 100,000 industrial 3D printers in the first half of 2016. What’s the impact on manufacturing footprint?

What’s the impact of all these trends on your strategic plan? How do you lure the project to handle all changes in the environment? There are many best practices on how companies include changes into their processes and systems. By studying them, you learn how to cope with changes over time in operations and supply chain. The trends are for the benefit of your company, and to the advantage of the greater society. By adapting to these constant changes, you will be a better supply chain operations leader.