North Carolina Employment is hot!

Employment in North Carolina is Hot!

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We all remember the great exodus of jobs in the United States in 1990 because of cheaper labour costs in the Asian and Mexican markets.  As late as the first decade of the 21st century manufactures were fleeing the United States at a substantial rate. But since 2012 there is a reversal of this.  Strangely because of automation, the terror of many American workers.  Taking one example, that is delightful, is the textile industry which was one of the last to leave, long after steel mills and electrical device manufacturers. The reversal trend is happening now and growing.  America is coming back! Many of these jobs are in engineering and supply chain employment opportunities in North Carolina.

At-home-manufacturing, has many obvious reasons for success: decreased transportation costs, faster turnaround time, better communication, less political ramifications and reduced labour costs. Labour costs have reduced because automation reduces the labor workforce. Also, appreciation for American quality is back again.  Surveys have shown that the market will pay a little more for quality delivered by American knowhow.  The area of growth in North Carolina is the Research Triangle of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. There are other growth centers such as Cary, and Apex,North Carolina.

All of this means good news for the American supply chain worker or professional. The ability to stay with a growing company and increase one’s stability and assets is once again being offered.  It is time to feel good and think big again. 

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