North Carolina STEM Employment Growth – Computers & Engineering

North Carolina STEM Employment Growth in Computers and Engineering

Employment growth in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields of study were reported recently (April 2016) by Jasthi and McMullen of Nerdwallet. They found that Research Triangle Park in North Carolina ranked fifth out of over three hundred locations studied for best places to find employment. The majority of the opportunities were in areas of computer data technology related to industry growth and Engineering related to product development.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates growth in STEM positions will approach 10 million over the next decade.  North Carolina is on top of the list to capture many of these high paying positions, the average being about $85,000. Presently opportunities in these area leaves the unemployment just above 2% and dropping.

North Carolina has a massive research center, 7,000 acres, the largest science park in the United State. With over two hundred companies, including IBM and Cisco, 46,000 are employed in areas of healthcare, internet technology and engineering industries and their supporting fields. Research opportunities obviously abound also.

Employment opportunities continue to grow in areas of higher education of science, technology and engineering. As automation replaces many of the manual labor positions, new positions are opening and expanding at a rapid rate. Many of these jobs rely on basic skill sets that are often transferable, but provide a sound foundation.

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