PwC: Private employers look to increase hiring

Quarter four 2012 provided a nice cap to the year for private employers in the United States. Hiring ticked up during the last month of the year despite fiscal cliff concern and uncertainty over the future of the economy eased a bit  after the presidential election. Now, businesses have already set their sights on the year ahead, and hiring is high on their list of goals, a survey found. For firms looking to add staff, working with recruiting agencies should also be a top priority in the months to come.

Majority plan workforce additions
In a recent survey by PricewaterhouseCooper, a global professional services provider, 56 percent of respondents said they plan new hiring during the next 12 months. The Trendsetter Barometer surveyed 201 U.S. CEOs during quarter four 2012. The number is up 1 percentage point from the previous quarter and 2 percentage points higher than the survey conducted late in 2011.

PwC said an uptick in planned new hires is particularly encouraging for the employment landscape in the country. The average composite workforce for trendsetter companies is expected to grow by 2.8 percent in 2013, notably better than its previously forecasted growth of 1.6 percent. The expected workforce increase puts private employer hiring for new employees on par with pre-recession levels, as it is the largest increase since the composite workforce average registered growth of 3.6 percent in quarter three 2008.

PwC said because hiring is increasing across the nation, talent recruitment will become crucial to business success. As ever, staffing agencies can help businesses improve their chances at future success by finding the most skilled employees in the market.

“As private companies expand their operations, growing their workforce will be crucial to continuity of service,” said Ken Esch, partner with PwC. “As reported in previous surveys, finding the right talent can be challenging, so strategic planning in this area, in terms of employee development and maintaining a pipeline of candidates, is key to businesses’ scalability and resilience.”

Better economy predicted in 2013
Overall, CEOs expressed optimism about the strength of the U.S. economy in 2013. Forty-seven percent of respondents said they believe the national economy is growing, 12 percentage points higher than the 35 percent who said the same in quarter three 2012. The fourth quarter responses for last year also showed a year-over-year increase in optimistic responses of 11 percent, as 36 percent believed the U.S. economy was increasing in quarter four 2011. Fifteen percent said the economy was declining in the latest survey, and 38 percent said it was about the same.

A better economy means bigger operations that create new jobs. Domestic businesses can set themselves apart from the competition by hiring the best available talent, which can be supplied by recruiting agencies.