STEM Employment in North Carolina

Finding Employment in North Carolina

As a culture evolves, employers require a new work force. Too many of the old work force are found trained in fields that are obsolete.  A recent  article by Andrew Berger-Grosswe discusses supply and demand for employment in North Carolina. He  compares analytical data compiled in 2014 of job opening advertisement data from the Conference Board’s Help Wanted OnLine™ to the skills of the experienced unemployed labor force.

Berger-Grosswe concludes that the number of job advertisements was far larger than the number of unemployed workers in the fields of Computer Science, Mathematical Application, Healthcare Practitioners and Technical, Architecture and Engineering occupations.

And a far larger pool of trained unemployed than job openings in the fields of Farming, Sales, Food Preparation, Administrative, and Production. With this information in mind, can there be anything done to help unemployed workers transition into paying jobs and careers?

The career placement centers must find mutually valuable training from the old economy that transitions it into the new economy. Many times there is overlap of valuable skills. In addition the job seeker must become aware of the traits, knowledge and training that the new position requires.

Often the unemployed seeker has knowledge and training required for the new position but does realize it.  As a fun hypothetical analogy: A guitar player is looking for a job but there are only bass players needed.  Except for the artist’s pride and a bit of training this is a perfect fit because of the mutual training required.

It often requires a professional to find these transferable skills. Engineering, Supply Chain and Manufacturing are good examples of careers that the Kappa Search Incorporated can provide solutions. Contact us today and start to “lay down that back-beat” to everyone’s enjoyment.