Stress leads IT workers to consider leaving job

The overwhelming reliance on technology in today's world is something many take for granted – but not information technology (IT) workers. Tasked with being the gatekeepers and ubiquitous fix-it-men for every technology related element of business operations, IT workers sometimes feel like they have the weight of the digital world on their shoulders. So much so, that a new survey shows a majority indicate workplace stress may cause them to leave their jobs. While the percentage of such responding IT professionals has dropped from last year, firms may still want to prepare themselves for a possible exodus by working with technical recruiters to keep the IT talent pipeline fresh.

Stress is a major concern for IT workers
According to the second annual IT Administrator Stress Survey produced by GFI Software, 57 percent of IT professionals would consider leaving their job because of the strain placed on them by workplace stress. While it is still a remarkably high number, it represents a 10 percent drop from the year before when 67 percent said the same

Overall, 65 percent of IT administrators said their job is stressful, down a bit from the 69 percent who reported the same in the first annual survey last year.

The most stressful aspect of their job is interacting and communicating with managers, according to one-third of respondents. Lack of IT staff was another common gripe (24 percent), as was working on tight deadlines (20 percent).
"The increasing importance of IT in the workplace and the 24/7 availability paradigm that has been created obviously creates a stressful atmosphere for many IT administrators," said Phil Bousfield , general manager of IT operations at GFI Software. "Companies are more reliant than ever on IT innovation, uptime and speed of deployment, and thus, IT staff members are under extreme pressure to deliver for the benefit of the whole business … the research is a stark reminder that IT staff need to be supported and given the right resources to do their job efficiently."

IT at smaller organization more likely to bolt
Small businesses may want to reach out to technical recruiters to craft a contingency plan in the event of an employee leaving: IT staff at firms with between 10 and 49 employees were found to be the most likely to quit (41 percent).

Businesses in the West may want to take the same precautions, as the region with the highest percentage of IT workers reporting stress (76 percent).