Supply Chain Employment and Careers: What are Employers Looking for?

Supply Chain Employment and Careers: What are Employers Looking for?

The supply chain industry is a booming one. In fact, Forbes has reported that 1.4 million new jobs will be opened up in the supply chain industry by 2018. While it’s a huge industry- generating just around 1.8 trillion in revenue- it’s often one that is overlooked and undervalued. If you’re setting out to work in the supply chain area of business, you should be familiar with the attributes that employers are seeking in this field.

For the most part, supply chain industry leaders are seeking two major factors in their prospective employees. Those factors are the ability to lead, as well as advanced technical skills. While experience is always a plus, those two skill sets are advantageous because leadership takes time and diligence to develop and is well-respected. Present a strong resume highlighting those skills and how you developed and executed them at previous employers. You will have the opportunity to elaborate on them further during the interview.

Many supply chain employers are willing to train their employees and often that is part of the process. However, in addition to the training that they are providing, employers will be looking for those that are quick thinkers that can react quickly, are adaptable and troubleshoot problems with very little guidance.

There is a plethora of career options available in the supply chain industry. Some of these include management and marketing, as well as data and research analysts as well as mid to high level executive jobs. These jobs often pay higher than averages salaries.
Familiarize yourself with the company that you are looking to work for and emphasize some of the skills that they are seeking within the body of your resume. This is a nifty tip to pique the interest of the employer and land an interview.