Supply Chain Industry Logistics Trends

Supply Chain Industry Logistics Trends

Just as locomotives chugging across the prairie disrupted the stage-coach business, the newest technologies affect supply chain logistics, Supply Chain Logistics Trends to Watch. The Uber of freight hauling is ready to go. Apps such as Convoy and Cargomatic provide on demand shipping services and shipping connections which alleviate the difficulties of LTL (less than truck load) and empty trailers on the way back home. Its crowdsourcing for freight companies and costs much less than freight broker charges.

The on demand economy means tight warehouse space and rising rents for space. No longer are a few very large distribution centers doing the trick. Customers insist on quick delivery resulting in more distribution centers. There is only so much warehouse space available which translates to higher rents for available space. Good for landlords but not so good for the companies who require space now.

Logistics applications move to the cloud. Easy set up and low-cost of cloud computing encourage this move. The cloud produces increased visibility and collaboration for all parties involved in the moving of freight. Everyone desires to know where their freight is at this exact moment so everyone loves this trend.

The Iot or Internet of Things application of RFID (radio frequency identification) enhances the above trend, Core Supply Chain Management Trends. These RFID chips on goods and/or pallets of goods “tell” you the exact location of the goods in transit along with temperature, humidity, and other pertinent data. Losing goods in transit becomes almost impossible and mitigates damage, too.