Supply Chain Industry Still Seeing Communication Holes

Supply Chain Industry Still Seeing Communication Holes

While the supply chain industry is certainly benefiting quite a bit from recent technological advancements over the last few years, there are still some holes in the technology that are causing problems at various ports and other checkpoints around the country.

Global Trade Mag recently published a report that showed that ports on the western coast of the United States are still very much in need of better supply chain information. The publication pointed to a US Department of Transportation report which showed that that movements of international trade between ports and domestic origins for exports and domestic destinations for imports are not currently being measured.

The report further also pointed out this information could help the DOT to assess international trade flows within the US while also strengthening the role of freight transportation in U.S. economic competitiveness. This last part is the one that companies in the supply chain industry are going to be paying special attention to as the years move forward.

The report said that the US DOT is in the very early stages of trying to close this hole in the way it tracks things that come into and leave west coast ports, but this also underlines just how important it is for the companies to come up with their own ways to track where their products are going. Tracking how fast the goods are reaching ports and then heading off to the next destination is going to be a big deal in the coming years as well.

Clearly, companies that want to get a leg up in this industry are not going to be able to lean on the government to handle this issue.