Survey: Americans largely in favor of alternative energy sources

The majority of Americans want a greater emphasis placed on renewable energy sources, such as solar power, wind and natural gas, according to a recent Gallup poll. The survey found 76 percent of Americans support domestic development of solar energy over other sources like oil, nuclear power and coal. Only 37 percent of Americans said they back further nuclear energy development, and 31 percent were in favor of coal. With alternative sources gaining popularity, firms could benefit from a renewable energy recruiter to match them with qualified talent.

The results varied by region and political affiliation. Republicans and Southerners showed more interest in traditional energy sources like crude oil and coal. Democrats and Independents' top choice was solar power, which was the highest pick across each region. Natural gas was Republicans' top pick. 

The survey notes most forms of renewable energy are still in their early stages, which means natural gas is the best option until technology for solar power and wind energy can catch up. Natural gas is a cleaner energy source than coal and less expensive than other sources. Fifty-nine percent of Democrats supported greater natural gas development, along with 78 percent of Republicans and 62 percent of Independents. 

While 71 percent of Republicans and 46 percent of Americans overall were in favor of continued development of crude oil extraction, the processes of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling can be controversial because of their environmental and safety impacts. Doubts about these extraction methods are contributing to the lack of public support. 

Implications of survey results
The support of alternative energy sources is overwhelming, but the report notes technology and affordability need to improve before solar and wind energy can be major sources of domestic power. 

"The United States has a great opportunity to accelerate its economic growth over the next several years by emphasizing and fully using its enormous energy riches to produce domestic energy," the report states. "But there has been no consensus among Americans about how to optimize domestic energy production while preserving the environment."

It could take a while before significant investments are made in renewable energy sources like solar power and wind, but there could be a huge opportunity for firms who specialize in these. Americans overwhelmingly support further development of new technology. When energy firms have the opportunity to grow, they can benefit from the services of a quality renewable energy recruiter. Alternative energy sources will likely continue to grow in popularity.