Tech talent a top priority for financial businesses

Financial firms aren’t just focusing their 2013 hiring plans on bringing in banking and accounting talent. The new year will continue to prove the importance of technology in every aspect of business, and financial institutions are wisening up and identifying tech talent as a top priority in their 2013 employment picture, according to a new survey. Because some corporations might not be familiar with the tech job landscape, working with technology recruiters can significantly improve their chances of landing the most qualified candidates.

Risk, tech top job opportunities in finance
Financial firms were in the market for more employees in risk management and technology more than any other fields of expertise, according to a survey by eFinancialCareers, an online job marketplace for applicants. Employers said they were also looking to hire in sales, compliance and accounting.

The employment situation is also picking up after a return to economic normalcy in the United States. Only roughly 16 percent of HR manager respondents said layoffs at their firms were likely in 2013, a noteworthy improvement from last year, when 22 percent said the same.

Additionally, financial services businesses indicated they were looking for more experienced employees, which recruiting agencies can help track down. Employers said recruitment in the 2 to 5 years and 6 to 10 years of experience brackets would be stronger in 2013. Entry level positions saw a slightly weaker forecast.

Employers still have recruitment problems
Despite the continued focus on improving employment at financial institutions, many employers cited difficulty in finding qualified candidates as a central issues in their talent pursuits of talent. Around 60 percent of respondents said they had not experienced an increase in the number of job applicants, compared to six months prior.

Besides an apparent lack of applicants, employers are also working harder to fill positions. The time it took to fill positions increased with 33 percent of respondents reporting it took them longer to hire the right talent. Four in 10 institutions said they are operating on a diminished recruiting budget.

As hiring intentions expand across the country and in every industry, talent searches are becoming more competitive. Financial companies with tight purse strings can get the most bang for their buck by working with technology recruiters to locate and hire the most qualified talent in the area.