Tennessee auto sector leads state’s manufacturing job growth

Tennessee has seen an increase in manufacturing jobs, specifically in the auto manufacturing sector.

The 2014 Tennessee Manufacturers Register reported the number of manufacturing jobs in Tennessee increased 1 percent in 2013. This is the second year in a row the state has seen an increase in jobs for the manufacturing sector.

Thriving manufacturing industry
The report stated Tennessee added 4,197 manufacturing jobs between September 2012 to September 2013. Manufacturer's News Inc. President Tom Dubin said in a statement that Tennessee has seen a rejuvenation in job growth over the last year and attributes that to the hard working community.

"The state's business-friendly environment and educated workforce combined with its ideal location for the shipment of goods has been a draw for a variety of businesses, particularly those in the transportation-equipment sector," Dubin said in a statement.

Tennessee is currently home to 6,990 manufacturing businesses that employ 385,858 people. Memphis is the top city to produce manufacturing jobs, employing 36,000 people, although employment is down 2.5 percent over the past year.

Automotive sector on the rise 
Among the job growth, transportation equipment is the state's biggest provider of manufacturing jobs employing 47,881 people. The report went on to say that jobs in this sector rose 8.7 percent over the last year. The report attributed the expansions of several automakers and auto suppliers for providing more jobs over the past year. GM, Volkswagen and Nissan have all made expansions, while Bridgestone Tire and Akebono Brake Corporation have announced plans to expand their operations in the state.

Other areas that saw increases throughout the state were rubber/plastics, paper products, primary metals and stone/clay/glass manufacturing.

Although the state as a whole saw some major job growths over the past year, sever sectors saw a decrease. Electronic products, industrial machinery and equipment, textiles/apparel and fabricated metals all saw job losses.