The Latest in Adobe Software Development

The Latest in Adobe Software Development

We all know of programs such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator. These are some of the programs most strongly relied upon by those in the Graphic Design and Film Industries, as they are the industry standard. With the entire software line-up revamped into what is now Adobe CC, or Adobe Creative Cloud, all of the software is now streamlined into a concise repayment plan with everything available to the user at once, including all updates to the software, stock photos, tutorials, and more!

Recently, Adobe released a blog post discussing all of their latest updates to the software. With Adobe Stock (the stock photos element), there are now over 10,000 images to choose from that are high quality and copyright free. The service is also streamlined with the new one-click workflow, which enables users to take Adobe stock photos and, in one click, bring them directly to the canvas to work on.

In Photoshop CC, there are four new features that make certain graphic design tasks more manageable and enhance the design workflow. These are the Content Aware Crop, the Face Aware Liquify, the Match Font, and Performance Enhancements. The Content Aware Crop automatically rids the canvas and image of gaps that commonly occur when cropping an image. The Face Aware Liquify feature detects faces and their components and then simplifies the process of changing the features in a face to suit the user. The Match Font feature is simple; it takes the font found embedded in an images a user doesn’t already have and matches the font based on what’s available on the user’s computer or in the program. Finally, the Performance Enhancers are there to make sure there is a 4x greater level of performance when using these new features. Basically, Photoshop CC has it covered!

There are many more updates to a lot of different programs within the Adobe sphere. Check them out to find out more!