Top Finance & Accounting Jobs for 2016

Top Trending Finance and Accounting Jobs in 2016

The job market trends are in for the world of finance and accounting.  According to, the most sought after jobs in the year 2016 are accounts payable, accounting clerk, staff accountant, bookkeeper, payroll clerk, financial analyst, collections specialist, tax accountant, cash applications clerk, and mortgage loan servicing clerk.  These are all jobs and careers that pay anywhere between $20,000 and $65,000 a year with full benefits.

These jobs also have an unemployment rate of 3-4% despite more and more college students graduating with degrees in Finance every year. This is because these sorts of jobs are needed by every industry, as they are in charge of keeping a business in financial balance.

Jobs such as accounts payable or receivable pay an average of $38,055.00 a year, and require 0-2 years experience to apply.  Accounting clerks make an average of $33,040.00 per year and require 0-2 years experience when applying. Payroll clerks make $29,680-$46,233.00 per year, also with entry-level experience. Financial analysts and tax accountants are also entry-level positions, and make averages of $51,204.00 and $49,896.00 respectively. Finally, mortgage loan clerks are also entry-level and pay between $21,501 and $36,844.00 per year.

Staff accountants require 1-3 years experience when applying, and pay around $55,505.00 per year. Bookkeepers and collections specialists request 2-4 years experience, and pay an average of $40,595 and $33,808.00 respectively.  Finally, cash applications clerks earn around $44,815.00 per year and require 3-5 years experience.

To put it simply, these top trending finance and accounting jobs are not going away any time soon, and pay well even as entry-level positions.  They are worth checking into!

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