Trends that are Shaping the Supply Chain Industry

Trends that are Shaping the Supply Chain Industry

The winds of change are blowing and the supply chain industry is feeling them the most. Today, the digital chain is making logistics more efficient, accurate, faster, and much cheaper. Breakthroughs in technology have led to the spawning of a new set of trends that will pose a reverberating effect on the supply chain industry for decades to come. We will now discuss these top trends that businesses should adapt to keep pace with the competition.

Drone deliveries

Ever since Amazon announced they would roll-out drone deliveries, people have been talking about it. Other retailers also took to try out the drone deliveries, although no company has started doing them on a regular basis; due to issues such as regulation. However, we expect to see drone deliveries very soon.

Same day deliveries

Though accepted worldwide, it is something that was previously unheard. Amazon, for instance, offers lightening-fast deliveries to its prime customers, which with time, will be the case with all purchases.

Supply chains going digital

Traditionally, for you to buy, you would get out of your house and drive or walk to the store which could be miles away. Technology disrupted this traditional tedious operation, as you can now buy anything from the comfort of your home just by a click of a button, and wait for deliveries.

End to end visibility

Improving visibility beyond the walls of an enterprise and across its end to end supply chain is a priority for most of the supply chain executives. Visibility is a prerequisite to supply chain responsiveness and agility.