US auto sales high in April

As the economy recovers, U.S. automakers have seen business increase steadily. Ford, Chrysler and General Motors all reported their best April sales since 2007, according to CNN Money. American auto sales are expected to reach an annual pace of 15 million units for the sixth straight month. As automakers continue to increase profits, firms may be looking to expand and can consult manufacturing recruiters to find new talent.

Prior to the recent high auto sales numbers, the industry had gone four years without reaching a benchmark, CNN stated. However, consumer confidence has risen, and Americans feel more comfortable purchasing durable goods. 

"Both home prices and the stock market have remained at post-recession highs," Lacey Plache, chief economist at, an automotive research website, told CNN. "These wealth effects have spurred consumer spending this year, including on car sales. Even though fiscal issues at home and abroad continue to crop up, consumers have not been derailed."

The rise in auto sales is an indication Americans are confident in the economic recovery.

Trucks, SUVs driving factors in sales increases
Truck sales were critical to the success of the Big Three American automakers, The Los Angeles Times said. The housing industry has recovered, which has lead to the rise in truck sales as construction firms grow. Many contractors were forced to delay the purchase of new pickup trucks during the economic slump. Ford posted a sales gain of nearly 18 percent, and both GM and Chrysler reported 11 percent growth in April. In particular, Chrysler's Ram truck division achieved a gain of 49 percent from the previous year. 

Sports utility vehicles also saw a significant increase, the LA Times reported. Improvements in fuel economy and low financing rates have made SUVs more attractive to consumers. Pickup trucks have experienced a surge because automakers have been offering high incentives to clear showrooms for incoming 2014 models. Dealers have had a hard time keeping the 2013 Ram in stock, since it was a major upgrade from the previous model.

The high sales numbers over the last several months mark a positive trend for U.S. automakers. If production remains at increased levels to meet demand, auto plants may add new workers. They can seek the services of manufacturing recruiters to fill new opportunities.